Ben Shapiro Shows Us How To Be A Hack

The ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ conservative consistently ignores facts… Today, we will be looking at how conservative pundit Ben Shapiro uses studies and charts in an attempt to debunk gun control, specifically leftists’ case for gun control advocacy (side note: leftists, in my circle at least, do not advocate gun control as guns […]

Why Progressive Taxation Is Fair And Necessary

Responding to right-wing, billionaire funded propaganda… I spend a lot of time listening to conservatives speak. Even though I find the conservative worldview repugnant and dangerous, I am compelled to take their arguments seriously and respond. Otherwise, the political sphere is left open to right-wing activism that can frame the debate unchallenged and persuade a […]

Permit Patty’s Role In This Caste System

Permit Patty is just another example of ways in which white women can contribute to Racism White Supremacy… Alison Ettel, the woman who has been nicknamed ‘permit patty,’ is under deep scrutiny for the incident involving her, a 911 dispatcher, and an eight-year-old African-American girl, Jordan Rodgers. Ettel supposedly ‘pretended’ to call the police on […]

Debunking Larry Elder on Systemic Racism

Black people who participate in the perpetual disenfranchisement of their own is nothing new. Usually, people with black skin who parrot the talking points of white people who are racist or believe we live in a post-racial society will be propped up and taken seriously by whites. This is an old white supremacy tactic: find […]