Reclaiming Intersectionality

Intersectionality is too important to allow grifters to redefine it… Personally, I see no reason to debate whether or not the earth is flat with a flat-earther. However, if these flat-earthers started to dominate mainstream and social media and started echo chambers with other flat-eathers citing only the fringe physicists that supported them while ignoring […]

Ben Shapiro Shows Us How To Be A Hack

The ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ conservative consistently ignores facts… It is truly fascinating how confidently conservatives misuse statistics and manipulate data to support their biases. When their arguments are really broken down, you find out how easy it is to manipulate anything to try and prove a point. Today, we will be looking […]

Why Progressive Taxes Are Fair And Necessary

Responding to right-wing, billionaire funded propaganda… I spend a lot of time listening to conservatives speak. Even though I find the conservative worldview repugnant and dangerous, I am compelled to take their arguments seriously and respond. Otherwise, the political sphere is left open to right-wing activism that can frame the debate unchallenged and persuade a […]

Anarcho-Capitalism Can Not Be Anarchist

The Libertarian defense of private capital in the name of “freedom” is comical For those invoking this majority-online tradition of “anarcho-capitalism,” I am doubtful many have read Proudhon’s What is Property. I doubt many are aware of the libertarian socialist tradition fathered by a French communist. I doubt many are aware of any libertarian literature […]