What Are Social Facts?

In Emile Durkheim’s classical reading, “The Rules of Sociological Method,” sociology is framed as a science involving human occurrence which deserves its own investigation that is distinct from natural sciences such as biology. This is because there are phenomena that exist in society that are only understood as something that manifest outside of any individual […]

Reclaiming Intersectionality

Intersectionality is too important to allow grifters to redefine it… Personally, I see no reason to debate whether or not the earth is flat with a flat-earther. However, if these flat-earthers started to dominate mainstream and social media and started echo chambers with other flat-eathers citing only the fringe physicists that supported them while ignoring […]

On Coleman Hughes’ Misguided Takes

I’m not sure who Coleman Hughes is supposed to be arguing against, but it certainly isn’t any serious anti-racist activism In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan released the infamous government report “The Negro Family.” Moynihan argued, in the midst of the passage of the Civil Rights Act, that the African American family structure became “unstable” due […]

Ben Shapiro Shows Us How To Be A Hack

The ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ conservative consistently ignores facts… Today, we will be looking at how conservative pundit Ben Shapiro uses studies and charts in an attempt to debunk gun control, specifically leftists’ case for gun control advocacy (side note: leftists, in my circle at least, do not advocate gun control as guns […]